Angular JS

Angular JS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications or in other words, an open source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google. It lets you use HTML as your template language and extend HTML syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly.

The working of AngularJS is largely guided by two principles. First is declarative programming, which is believed to be used for designing user interface and second is imperative programming, which should be left for establishing domain logic.

Under these two principles, Angular JS framework shows a bunch of exceptional features like mvc capability, two-way data binding, directives and dom manipulations.

Why AngularJS?

AnjularJs is regarded as one of the JavaScript frameworks ideal for developing rich user interfaces as well as writing software components. It enables small, medium or large size businesses to unleash the power of lighter web applications by providing the developers with the option of formulating rich, effective and complex client-side web applications. Furthermore, this framework augments user experience by catering users with updated content without the need of refreshing the page via features of AJAX. Angular JS is also regarded as flexible as you could easily incorporate additional functions to it for the cause of developing custom applications. Angular JS offers clean and easily digestible coding standards which is ideal for creating impressive web environments at competitive development time.

Our expertise in Angular JS enables us to build expressive and readable apps within no time. We have been renowned for catering reliable AngularJS development support and consulting services to our clients across the globe. With our extensive experience in this field, we have satisfied all our clients with quality and impressive AngularJS solutions. We are experienced in using Angular JS to develop:

  • Chrome Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Apps
  • Modules
  • Animations
  • Single Page Applications (SPA’s)
  • Plug-ins Development

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