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Effivity Technologies delivers an entirely new approach to manage and optimize operations of an organization…efficiently and effectively using cloud based software applications. Effivity Technologies solutions free our customers from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do—their core, revenue-generating activities.

We help organizations enhance their business processes with our world class suite of software products from compliance management to HR Management to CRM Management, from Project Management to Accounts Management to Purchase Management, from production management to service management to retail management.

Our customers know that Effivity Technologies solutions open vistas of possibility not previously imagined. With a background of more than 4,000 clients across 50 countries having benefited from our business process management consulting services, Effivity Technologies is best positioned to meet business challenges faced by organizations today, and empower them for even greater success tomorrow. With solutions available to simplify and optimize business processes, Effivity Technologies can reinvent your organization, whether you conduct business locally, regionally, or internationally.

Compiling our in-depth understanding of variegated business domains and their individual requirements, we strive to offer optimal solutions that assist overcome obstacles and challenges commonly faced by organizations at different levels in the digital environment. Our team of cloud computing and Saas development professionals posses technical expertise backed by our avant garde tools to develop applications and software that facilitate better execution of tasks at various levels of an enterprise.

Our IT solutions and industry specific products are formulated on a flexible cloud , SaaS, PaaS or Iaas framework ensuring hassle-free integration in your existing IT eco-system. Our goal is to offer optimal solutions to varied organizations and facilitate integrated implementation of advanced technology to keep up with the demanding and dynamic nature of the digital landscape. We pride ourselves in delivering exhaustive solutions harnessing progressive technology to empower organizations traverse newer avenues of business expansion.

Effivity Technologies provides end-to-end business solutions coupled with the technology expertise you need to increase operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage.

Effivity Technologies is a leading organization in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management, providing the most comprehensive application suite to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximize industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs.

A strong foundation of more than 1,200 customers globally and consistent performance from year 2004 of the group companies has enabled Effivity Technologies solutions deployed by all kinds of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, food and beverage, mining and metals, oil and gas, high-tech and IT, energy and utilities, government and public sector, financial services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and many others.

Effivity Technologies enables organizations of all sizes and industries to think and act strategically, promote innovation and improvement, align processes and resources, engage workforce and customers, and focus on key results: product and service, customer, financial, workforce, process and leadership. From back office to boardroom, operations to supply chain, internal workforce to external parties, Effivity Technologies empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Effivity Technologies is an innovative and forward-thinking organization with an established history of exceeding customer requirements. Every day, Effivity Technologies's web-based applications help businesses around the globe ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality and innovation for their products, services and processes by streamlining and integrating all organizational levels and operations. These applications also enable organizations to address an ever-increasing variety and number of international standards, laws and regulations that affect business operations by delivering enhanced compliance capabilities based on industry-specific best practices.
Effivity Technologies offers an integrated suite of modules that leverage the collaborative business management processes to support the continuous improvement and optimization of today's heterogeneous enterprise. The solution helps leading companies earn a competitive edge through replicable and predictable management processes and compliance execution involving people across departments, business units, suppliers and customers.

Effivity Technologies automates the controls required for each of the management process steps [planning, implementing, monitoring, measuring and improving]. Furthermore, the product fully complies with current international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 22000, ISO 17025 etc.

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across the globe.

Effivity Technologies is the only complete & comprehensive ISO compliance software provider in the world. Our software addresses all the clauses and compliance requirements of major ISO standards for quality, environment, health safety, food safety and information security management. Our software products find acceptance across the world and are used by organizations of all size and nature.