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Effivity is an internationally recognized healthcare management solutions provider that excels in making the most of the ever increasing sophistication of cloud and analytics technologies to aid healthcare institutions and professionals optimize processes and make decisions crucial to your business with surprising ease.

Systems Of Records To Systems of Involvement- Our Hallmark !

Effivity's cloud healthcare software development experts believe in creating systems of involvement instead of systems of records and thus by virtue of their years of experience in cloud and 'Software As A Service (SaaS)' solutions, we not only deliver workflow automation solutions, but also address crucial needs such as security, implementation and sustainability.

How Effivity's MyEasyHealthCare Benefits Healthcare Providers?

MyEasyHealthCare Boasts of a series of benefits to healthcare providers. Here're the mainstays of our healthcare management system.

Hassle Free Administration & Management

MyEasyHealthCare's core brilliance lies in hassle free administration and management it offers. From asset management to registration, admission and patient's discharge details to extremely easy revenue management are MyEasyHealthCare's salient features.

Analytics & Decision Support

From robust data visualization systems to tools which support custom performance analysis and report generation, our bespoke healthcare management systems are simply comprehensive.

Regulations Compliant

No data is more critical than a patient's medical conditions'. And thus at Effivity, regulations and integrity enforcement is second to none. Our healthcare management systems are ePHI security compliant.


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Effivity Technologies is the only complete & comprehensive ISO compliance software provider in the world. Our software addresses all the clauses and compliance requirements of major ISO standards for quality, environment, health safety, food safety and information security management. Our software products find acceptance across the world and are used by organizations of all size and nature.