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MyEasyHotel is a full featured POS integrated cloud based hotel management software loaded with all necessary avant-garde tools your hotel business requires. Whether you are a small or established hotel, resort or hostel in need of a cloud hotel software that makes accessibility to up-to-date data and day to day business operations secure, convenient and reliable, then MyEasyHotel is designed just for you.

Remarkable Features Of MyEasyHotel

Comprehensive & Flexible

This cloud based hotel management software is not only comprehensive but flexible too, making operations indispensable to your business such as front-desk management, billing, housekeeping and report generation seamless than ever.

Time-saving & Efficient

Now keep room availability, rates for different ones and a variety of listings in perfect harmony across your business network.

Direct Bookings

Yes you read it right ! Wouldn't that be great? This phenomenal hotel management software allows your customers make direct bookings on your hotel's website with utmost ease.

That's not it ! MyEasyHotel offers benefits galore. Read on-

Efficient Administration

Now get rid of updating calendars, check-ins and checkouts manually or on archaic systems. MyEasyHotel allows you to concentrate on your core business and revenue generation activities while it intelligently and manages the administration part for you.


Streamline your distribution channel by virtue of in built real availabilities making distribution a cake-walk.

Invoice Generation

Bill your guests without any complexities. Loads of state of the art features with unlimited invoicing capacity, MyEasyHotel redefines invoice generation.

MyEasyHotel Is Meant For You, If You Are A

  • Multi-Property Hotel Chain
  • Resort Property
  • Extended Stay Hotel
  • Motel
  • Boutique Property

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