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Cloud Based Project Management System Development - MyEasyProjects

Seamless collaboration, online task and budget monitoring is critical to the success of any project. Effivity's MyEasyProjects is a comprehensive solution for organizations and project managers as it takes into consideration your complex project management needs inclusive of detailed costing and estimation, scheduling, planning and resource management for impeccable control and analysis of a given project.

Enhance Teamwork & Productivity Through Better Collaboration

Assigning tasks to team members and keeping a tab on the progress of a project is a breeze with MyEasyProjects. Whether it's managing teams, keeping them up to date with the tasks assigned to them, sending messages or sharing files and images, MyEasyProjects always keeps you in superb control of your project chores.

Real Time Project Progress & Project Status

Monitoring the progress of your project real time will no longer will be a herculean task. Keep your project on schedule and budget by virtue of-

  • Bespoke summary reports
  • Comparison of metrics with data of previous weeks or months.
  • Exporting reports and metrics for in depth analysis.

Generate Custom Reports and Track Time Spent

Get detailed insights into your projects by generating custom time reports to be reviewed by project managers or business patrons.

  • Fully Customizable project reports
  • Export data in various formats such as CSV, Excel or pdf
  • Data and Report Breakdown on multiple levels

Define Project Milestones & Goals To Meet Deadlines

Defining milestone and goals are an absolute essential to meet tight project deadlines. MyEasyProjects makes it a cakewalk by enabling you to-

  • Define project goals and milestones
  • Create cross project milestones views
  • Create fully customizable project reports

Timesheets- Collaborative Wikis - File Sharing & Management

When it comes to offerings and feasibility, MyEasyProjects is second to none. Use timesheets to record daily activities crucial to your project with user defined time entry format; share links, files, images with your team members and clients.

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